the wild west of the Alentejo / Algarve in the saddle. We ride with you through the wild landscape of the Alentejo. You will be touched by the unspoilt nature, in places you can only discover with your reliable partner, your horse. Every ride is a unique experience.

In addition we offer:

  • Riding lessons / day rides / multi-day rides
  • Full moon rides
  • Gourmet rides
  • Riding lessons for children
  • First horse encounters for cautious people with a shyness about horses and big animals
  • Ground work and coaching with the horse

Do you spend your holiday

in Algarve and you are looking for a special event?

How about a 2 hours trail on the famous “Rota Vicentina” hiking trail?

  • or the day trip through our breathtaking nature reserve?
  • the gourmet ride, through the nature park incl. delicious lunch break?
  • or an unforgettable full moon ride?
  • We offer riding lessons for beginners and children.
  • Fear of big animals? We will guide you carefully to the horses, you can encounter, touch and eventually ride them.
  • Try out how gentle our fluffy partners are.
  • Walks with the horse on a leash are also possible.


Short trail

horses and an introduction into the riding style we ride 3 days (approx. 60km) over the Rota and its side paths. The offer includes 3 saddlebag snacks and 2 dinners. Transfers to- and from the ranch are included. This trail is also suitable for inexperienced riders and beginners.

The week long trails we also ride over the Rota Vicentina.
We cover about 150km during the week and therefore this trail is more for experienced horse lovers. We differentiate the weekly trails between:

Bushman Trail

Here we ride with tents and a support vehicle. Accommodation and meals are rustic and simple, which guarantees a direct nature experience.

Star Trail

Here we ride the horses from trail station to trail station and will be brought back to our separately booked accommodation with a shuttle for the overnight stays. If you need something more comfortable and adventurous during your holiday, you will be very satisfied with this offer.

Dates for the Week Trails in 2022:

Due to its length, this trail is only recommended for experienced horse lovers.
Please book at least 3 weeks before the trail starts.

Prices will start from 540€ up to 680€ for the 5 days.

Details of these trails will be sent on request.

Holidays and courses

Wooden Lodge for rent
with the view to the pastures.

Prices on request.


Riding lessons 45 min – 20€
Children riding 45 min – 20€
Ground work 45 min – 25€

Guided rides 1.5 hours – 45€
Guided rides 2.5 hours – 55€
Guided rides 3.5 hours – 80€ incl. picnic
Guided rides 3 hours – 80€ incl. incl. warm lunch and bath break
Full moon ride 1.5 hours – 60€
Hiking with horse (not ridden) 4 hours – 25€

We walk  / you ride (for families with small kids) 1,5 hours – 40€

Guided 3 days trail individually bookable from 3 persons – 330€
incl. 2 dinners with several courses, 3 picnic out of the saddlebag, 3 days ride 8ca. (3,5 riding hours per day)

Bushman Trail
Guided 6 days trail – 840€ (detailed description on request)

Star Trail
Guided 6 days trail – 760€ (detailed description on request)
Riding week without accommodation

Chris Satish Giertz
Professional horseguide
Apartado 65
7631-908 Sao Teotonio

Tel: +351 919575579
Email: chris@algarvetrail.com
Coordinates: 37.485670, -8.686194



Hope to see you soon…